I’M ALIVE…I think

I haven’t written a blog post since April, (excluding reblogging a few posts) so what have I done in the past five months?

It hardly feels like anything, especially when I look at the negatives:

1) abandoned a novel idea

2) failed miserably to rewrite Nano 2017 novel

3) jumped around from idea to idea and never gaining traction

And compound that with feeling completely stuck and overworked…

Let’s just say summer sucked.

But I had a writing breakthrough July that helped me get back on my writing feet and submit a short story just a few days ago. I realized I was an Plotter. Not a Plantser like I always thought. I need to know the majority of my scenes before I write (the more the better) and that my story will work before I put a single word down. That way, I don’t have to throw it all away when it comes to revision because it all was terrible and spend another 6 months redrafting.

I realized this after I had made an outline for the rewrite of my Nano novel that I thought was thorough enough but still had some gaps in it. I thought I could pants my way through those gaps. I didn’t and I wrote all the scenes I had planned and nothing for the ones I figured to discover write. So I was left with about 10k words to the next point on my outline and, after jumping ahead and began repeating my first draft, I stopped writing.

Further reinforced by my short story, which I did plan, and was able to successfully steer it though six drafts to a satisfactory level of goodness without getting sick or bored of the story. Because I had planned it out ahead.

I’m planning on tackling Nano again this year, but instead if flopping around for 30 days and hating my story by the end, I’m spending every day thinking about what can happen in my story and how the characters would react. Because I get excited by knowing what I’m going to write.

I’m a Plotter. What are you

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