Michigan Writing Workshop 2018

On Saturday April 14th, I attended the Michigan Writing Workshop in Livonia, MI. It was awesome last year when I went, and this year was just as awesome! I met many great people and learn lots of great advice…as well as I need to remember to take more photos.

Brothers and sister
My sibs and I at Michigan Writing Workshop! (from left: Lynette, David, Josh, and Me!)


Most of the sessions I attended were giving advice on writing queries, though I did attend a session of writing speculative SFF and on called “Writer’s Got Talent” where they read people’s first pages aloud and gave feedback. Mine was not selected šŸ˜¦ but my sister’s and brother’s pages were selected! Woo! Go family!

Brian Klems, author and event co-organizer, and agent and presenter Eric Smith at the start of the day!

I got to meet author of the Fated Blades series,Ā Steve Bien (again, forgot the picture), but got signed copies of books 2 and 3 in the series! They were sold out of the first book. šŸ˜¦ He did give some great advice on approaching and brainstorming an speculative element, and I’m totally using the worksheet he handed out to help plot my next few books!

Anyway, a quick shout out to everyone who attended! I can’t wait to go next year, unless I’m published and rich by then. But then I would come back and teach!!!

Let me know if you attended and like, retweet, comment, or share! šŸ™‚


One thought on “Michigan Writing Workshop 2018”

  1. Yes, I DID go, was in pretty much all the same talks as you–I wasn’t familiar with Steve Bein but now am curious how he writes his martial arts scenes. My technical black belt know-how cripples me from writing a readable scene! Then first pitch ever, she wanted me to query her when it’s done. Day couldn’t have gone better!


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