Look! I’ve done stuff!

I haven’t written a post since mid-November, but I swear it’s because I’ve been super duper productive. And a bit lazy. But we are allowed to have days off right? Anyway, perhaps you’re wondering what this stuff is that I so proudly claim that I’ve done. There are three things, so if you would sit down, I will tell you.

  1. I completed the first draft of The Shepherd! This was my Nano novel and I managed 40k before the end of the month, but it took me another three weeks to finish it because of the cover the LTU Music society was doing (More on this below). I’m glad it’s done, but come February I will be tackling the second draft! The first draft’s final word count came in at approx. 46k words.
  2. LTU Music Society’s Cover. I go to LTU and there’s a organization that began a few years ago that just focuses on people getting together and playing music. Well, I was the president for 2 1/2 years, stepping down officially as of December 31st, 2017. Anyway, as a tribute to the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, we did a cover of their song, Shadow of the Day. I play cajon and produced the track; a bunch of people did everything else. It turned out pretty sweet and you can check it out here
  3. Audio Short Story. I wrote Hallucinations for an anthology called Ghosts on Drugs about a year ago. Sadly, I didn’t make it in, and had no idea where else to send it. So I put it here. A few months ago, I bumped into an old friend who is an aspiring actor. I had wanted to do an audio version of my story since I had put it on my site, and since my friend was also interested in voice acting, he agreed to narrate my story. That is now up on SoundCloud.

That’s it. I have a busy January ahead – outline my next story, beta read another, school, work, etc. but I will try to be back again, hopefully with tea in hand.




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