Inactivity, NaNoWriMo, and more…

Just going to do a quick apology for not having my next blog post come out when I wanted it to. I’m trying to aim for every other week and I think it’s been at least 3, maybe four, since I last released one. So again, sorry, but why have I been delayed? Well, school, family illness, work, music, etc, but mostly-


By now you’re probably sick of hearing about this so I won’t go too long, but I am also doing Nano. I set myself a personal goal of 25k, so I could balance my already busy and crazy life, but I hit the 1667 word count for the first seven days and decided to keep going. 50k it is! Currently, (Monday night 11/13) I’m at 19,315, some 2300 behind. In about 20 minutes, that deficit will grow another 1,667 words…

Besides that though, I also attended my friend’s, Barbara Pietron, book release party. Her third book, second in the Legacy of Legends series. It is about a teenage girl and a Native American boy who have encounters with old cultural myths and legends and try to solve the problems these legends create. No stupid YA love triangle or vampires or YA love triangles with vampires. Check it out and support a Michigan author! Barb’s website:

Along with all that writing stuff, I’ve also been doing some recording. My good friend, Christian, who is an aspiring actor, did some great voice work on my short story Hallucinations and I’m currently working on editing those takes together. I’m also apart of LTU Music Society and we’ve been recording a cover of Linkin Park’s Shadow of the Day as a tribute to Chester Bennington.

School and work trudge along as usual, and my mom is feeling better for now. I seriously can only do so much at times…

Also, this website/blog thing is an ongoing process as I learn what makes a good site and what I can do with it. I’ve thought of a few changes that might make signing up for my email list easier and also reduce unnecessary pages or content, hopefully that’ll make the site more purposeful and easier to navigate. But that comes in December and if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

I think that’s it for now. Keep reading, Happy writing, and Rock on!

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